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DUI in PA is one of the most frequent offences and, unfortunately, the one that often causes fatal outcome, not just for the offender. We hope this website helps you understand what to do and what to expect in case you are arrested for DUI in PA, find a PA DUI lawyer in you area, prevent any DUI incidents in future and become a safer driver.

Punishments for DUI in PA

DUI in PA The range of punishments for DUI in PA is the following: jail term, suspension or loss of driver’s license, fines, road cleanup activities or community service, required alcohol education courses and lectures given by MADD or SADD groups, ignition block devices for drunk drivers.

Another, not least significant punishment for DUI in PA, is SR22 auto insurance,which means higher rates for you as for a highly risky customer. In the gravest cases the insurance policy can be canceled, and the offender may be unable to find another insurance company, which is another good reason to give up drunk driving, not just in PA, but everywhere. Specific punishments DUI in PA depend on how grave your offense and the consequences are, you BAC and whether you are a first-time offender or commit DUI in PA repeatedly.

Penalties for DUI in PA

DUI in PADepending on BAC ( blood alcohol concentration ) at the time the driver is arrested, DUI penalties in PA are classified into Lowest Penalty ( BAC .08-.099), Higher Penalty (BAC .10-.159), Highest Penalty (BAC .16 And Above). These classes of PA DUI penalties also comprise punishment gradation depending on recurrence of the offence. Accordingly, for the first offense DUI in PA the penalties are the mildest. Penalties for 2nd DUI in PA and 3rd DUI in PA toughen. Also, the punishment depends on absence or presence of property damage, casualties, etc.

Car Insurance - A Penatly Few Rememner Of

A fine is the only penalty that comes to the minds of most drivers. However, the fine is something you’ll pay just once, the cost of your car insurance policy may double and stay like that for years, gradually sloping down after the 2nd year of driving without any incidents. A DUI record will remain in your driving history for 10 years, for as long insurance companies (those who cover DUI offenders at all) will renalize your with higher rates. That’s compared to their normal rates, which could be way too far from the best…and how much you lose compared to the best rates you could have!

DUI is PA is still a top safety issue

DUI still remains a top safety problem in PA, although a slight decrease in DUI related car accidents is obvious as 2006 statistics compared to that of 2007.

  • The number of DUI crashes in PA decreased from 13616 to 12867, the number of DUI deaths from 545 to 535 respectively due to aggressive approach to prevention and deterring DUI in PA.
  • The problem of DUI in PA particularly concerns young drinking drivers, with the highest risk age group 21 to 25 where about 50% car accident deaths are DUI related.
  • Generally, DUI in PA causes about 35% of drivers’ deaths.

Think of the above figures before you even think of starting your engine drunk and remember that penalties for DUI in PA imposed by law is not the worst punishment. Relatives and family members of the victims of DUI in PA related fatal accidents are those who are punished in the most severe manner without committing any crime. Are you sure your friends and family members who didn’t commit DUI in PA deserved that kind punishment? And your guilt will stay with you all your life. It won’t go away, you won’t forget it and you shouldn’t. Think of that again before starting your engine drunk.