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Clayton County Officer DUI case Verdict - Guilty

Clayton County police Officer Martin Jones was just found guilty of DUI and speeding on Friday.

He was found not guilty on the charges of DUI-less safe and reckless driving.

Jones was pulled over in November in DeKalb County.

Officer T.P. Dunn, who conducted the traffic stop on Interstate 20, said Jones’ speech was slurred and he admitted to drinking cognac.

“You’re carrying a gun and driving a vehicle as a police officer, so you need to have full function,” Dunn said.

Prosecutors said Jones drove 105 mph and had a blood-alcohol level of 0.115 when he was stopped.

On the witness stand Tuesday, Jones’ convoy leader and a physician testified that he suffered multiple head injuries when he was hit by roadside bombs as a soldier in Iraq. Dr. Lonnie Horowitz said those brain injuries caused Jones’ eyes to jerk, leading the officer who gave him a horizontal gaze test to believe he was intoxicated.

“The doctor also said Jones has a digestive disorder that sends any alcohol to the mouth, causing false readings in breath machines,” said convoy leader Joseph Walker.

Jones’ attorneys played a video of Jones being injured, which they said explained his behavior, but prosecutors argued it would lead the jury to see Jones as a sympathetic figure.

The judge only allowed the jury to see one video of Jones being hit by the roadside bombs, but his commander testified he was hit by nine.

Prosecutor Carrie McCurdy also questioned the objectivity of the doctor who testified on Jones’ behalf, calling Horowitz a hired gun after he said, “The man’s a hero. He stepped in front of three or four bullets for me. I think I can give him a day of my time.”