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Does Drunk Driving Void Insurance?

This is one of the first questions a DUI convict asks, especially if the incident involved damage to the car, third pary property of third persons. As to liability, the law is on the dirver’s side for under the The Road Traffic Act 1988, insurance companies have to cover the losses incurred to any third party that the insured is liable for, regardless of the insured being under the influence or not. However, mind that this letter of law protects the party who suffered losss, not the drunk driver. Another question is whether the insurer will keep covering you and what your renewal premium will be. As to comprehensive, it depends on whether your insurance contract has a clause that voids your coverage in case of a DUI conviction. Please, mind the following! If you were involved in an accident driving beyond legal limits where you were not technically guilty (you didn’t drive beyond speed limits, etc), in many states you will be a guilty party per se, just because you were DUI. If your drving after having a drink didn’t result in any damage, you insurer may keep your coverage but your renewal rates will jump to the sky.