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Insurance after DUI

How Much is DUI affecting insurance?

A DUI conviction will certainly affect your auto insurance. Even a single DUI arrest makes insurance rates go up because the companies put you into the category of high-risk, irresponsible drivers, which increases the risk of settlement payout - and that’s what the company will avoid at all costs. The good news is that many companies will still offer you car insurance quotes even after DUI and provide coverage, but forget about best offers and great savings previously available. You may have to shop around and request auto insurance quotes after DUI once again, as the companies offering the best policies BEFORE conviction will not necessary be the best for you AFTER. Different companies have different regulations as regards such incidents, as well as the length of the term when penal rates are working. However, with most of them the rates even after the first DUI may almost double, and even after 3 years will be higher than average until the DUI record gets cleared from your driving history, and that’s 10 years. During this period, even cheap DUI insurance will be more expensive than a normal policy. That’s your financial loss #1. The loss #2 is how much you lose changing the company and staying with the insurer which otherwise wouldn’t have been that good for you. You’ll possibly have to stay with your new insurer for years, until insurance rates raised after DUI start to go down (as a rule, it’s the third policy renewal after 2 years of “steering clear” of alcohol). The best offers and discounts for years of loyalty to your previous insurer will to go to the dogs. You are unlikely to get good discounts on insurance prices after getting caught drunk driving.

What’s the best insurance after DUI?

Choosing the best car insurance after DUI pretty much depends on many factors, such as the number of convictions on your driving record, whether or not there were any aggravating factors and whether or not your are planning your finances years ahead. Your current insurer’s premium at renewal may be much higher than with other companies. However, in a few years it could get quite close to what it was before your made that silly mistake, which may be the other way with another insurer. If your future is well planned and observable, it’s a general recommendation to stay with your current insurer, especially if you have been with them for years and have a good history there. If you are pressed for money right now you may want to change the company to get the best rates right now, DUI insurance quotes are widely abailable online or use the services of a local DUI insurance broker who can tell you about peculiarities of specific companies. Please, note that the rates in the same company vary from state to state, the cheapest coverage in the one state is not necessarily as cheap in the other! The same with DUI insurance prices.

What happens with your insurance right after DUI?

First off, depending on what’s written in your contract, the Insurer may cancel your comprehensive coverage immediately upon notification about the DUI and offer new, increased rates at the best. At the worst, you’ll have to search for a new insurer. However, some companies allow to keep your current coverage until the end of the term and than raise the rates at renewal. Liability settlement should be paid regardless of your DUI according to the federal law.