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Organizations That Help Prevent Teenage Drunk Driving

There are many organizations out there that assist parents and students in drunk driving prevention. Although most of the biggest anti DUI organizations address both young and adult drivers, however, some focus on young drivers. If you need to help your teenage child or your teenage friend check the below organizations:

  • SADD is one of the biggest non-profit organizations that uses peer-to-peer approach to prevention of risky behavior among young people. SADD was originally created to combat drunk driving but now in creased its area of impact. It’s not just drunk driving that puts a teen’s life at risk and SADD members understand it really well. The purpose of the organization is to help young people spread dangerous behavior awareness and prevent any incidents of risky behavior and alcohol or drug abuse. SADD will not just raise drug and alcohol awareness but will also teach how to resist any attempts to get involved into drug or alcohol abuse, driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs or any other risky situations. SADD has representatives in most states, including PA.

Pennsylvania SADD branch can be found here:

  • Coordinator: Felicity Erni
  • Phone: 717-238-4354
  • Fax: 717-238-6211
  • Location: PA DUI Association, 2413 North Front Street, Harrisburg, PA 17110

  • DARE (Drug Abuse Resistance Education, is not just about drunk-driving but about drug abuse in general – for younger teens (who will get their licenses in just a few years). It’s a good idea to get your teen enrolled in this program because DUI is not the only danger they may have to face in future, especially is you suspect that the surrounding may have negative impact on your teen’s behavior and habits. Getting younger teenagers enrolled is also important because drunk drivers are not the only victims of DUI incidents. In about 30% of cases the victims are passengers or pedestrians, the categories younger teens also fall under. DARE program proved to be so successful that it is now being implemented in in more than 43 countries around the world!

  • (TADD) Teens Against Drunk Driving ( is non-profit community service organization that implements Safe Driving program in high schools. Also, it gives teenagers many stories that make one reconsider the importance of safe driving and risky behavior in general. TADD activities and programs are endorsed by officials and governmental organizations.

  • Smart and Sober - Is a non-profit organization that helps teens and young adults stay smart and sober, as the name suggests.
  • Some anti drunk driving Yahoo groups are also organized by parents who want to safe their teenagers from DUI incidents.

Also, many schools or collages have anti drunk driving organizations and hold regular events to increase DUI awareness and protect young and prospective drivers, for example, those provided by TADD.