Charged with Drunk Driving?

A DUI charge doesn't have to ruin your life.
Experienced attorneys can help. Act immediately.

Say NO to DUI Scholarship has opened annual Say NO to DUI scholarship program because we believe that
educating and increasing awareness is our primary and the most effective weapon against DUI.

For years, we’ve been providing information and taking actions to ensure that those who commit a DUI atone adequately, become more responsibile drivers and prevent any further incidents. DUI is a double-edged sword. It slashes the lives of both the casualty (if there is any) and the offender and should be eliminated at the root. This is the message we want to deliver to the society.

We also see it as our obligation to attract students’ attention to this issue and make our own contrubution to the misson of DUI prevention among young persons at the earliest stage.

Who can apply

Although we are focused on PA DUI aspets we are inviting school/college or university students fom all locations to apply for the scholarship as DUI problem is not specific to any particular area. However, it is oblgatory that your written work is unique.

How to apply?

We want you to write a 800+ word essay on one on the following topics:

  • How I would use my blog, webpage or social networks to prevent DUI
  • How I see my input in DUI prevention
  • Anti-DUI measures you find the most effective
  • Do we need stricter DUI laws?

  • Send all listed below to: and fromat email subject according to the following template: Say NO to DUI Scholarship – Lastname, Firstname
  • A letter of acceptance from an accredited university or school in the United States.
  • Short biography, full name, age, phone number, email.
  • You essay in Word or PDF format.
  • Application deadline is Novermber 15th, 2018. The winner will be announced on December 10th, 2018. The prize check is mailed to the winner.

Digital Rights Agreement

By applying to our scholarship, you agree that your essay becomes the property of and may be reposted or displayed online partially or completely form without notification.